Brett Cooper - Brand Ambassador

Name: Brett Cooper

Nationality: American

Age: 23

Which disciplines do you ride? Road and XC. I ride 5-10hrs a week based on races, if I have a race coming up I will take it easy during the week (shorter rides)

Favourite place to ride? Anywhere on Long Island is great for cycling. Rocky Point is my favorite trail in the area.

Favourite album? No music I just sit around and think about bicycles. 

What's your go to post ride recovery drink/product/beverage? I will usually make a smoothie 2 bananas, strawberrys, mango, 2-3 dates, rolled oats, some orange juice 

What do you get up to when you're not riding bikes? Eat ! Work ! Television ! I currently work at two bike shops.

Race Report

 I was finally able to get a good start, I was shaking in my shoes tho because the 2-4 riders in line behind me are some of the fastest around, very big names in this area. It was great to finally get up front with those guys and get pulled away from the less strong riders and avoid getting held up. My first three cat 1 race starts were very mediocre. For this race I was at the start line first 10 minutes before to make sure I had front row. For this race they let everybody out at once all age groups 14-18,19-29,30-39,40-49, etc. I went into the single track third and it wasn't Long before one of the fastest riders in the state was pressing me to close the gap up to the leader ! He was persistent and kept telling me I had to push the pace, it was great advice but it was hard to close the gap, the first climb got me good and 2-3 guys got by me. I was able to recover regroup and push on to put in 3 solid laps... 28:57 28:53 and 29:49. I gave it my 100% the entire race, I've always believed as long as I do that then I have absolutely nothing to be bummed out about win or lose. I was able to get the win in catagory 1 19-29 and 9th overall out of 28 riders. The 9th overall feels amazing because every rider 1-8 ahead of me were all well known riders with tons of great accomplishments. Huge thanks to tennoutdoors for hooking me up with a great comfortable fitting kit, socks, and gloves. Hungry for more !